Pittonkatonk is a community celebration in the form of Brass BBQ. When was the last time you danced until you hurt? When you saw a band play in a public space where there wasn’t a stage or even a need for a stage? Everyone is treated as a VIP because there are no ticket prices, no vending, nothing holding you back from engaging.


Pittonkatonk 2014 was a success because we made a direct call to the community and they answered. In Pittonkatonk’s first year we welcomed over 750 spectators and almost 100 performing musicians. Together we went from dancing the kolo to a moshpit. Pittonkatonk made a lasting impression in the community because it blurred the lines between music festival and a family reunion.  Our festival is a success when YOU, the community participates. When EVERYONE can celebrate together regardless of age, race, class. We want YOU to bring what you can, whether its making a dish of food, donating $25-$500, volunteering, helping to clean up, or just spectating.


Pittonkatonk is a spin off idea of Pandemic and the Listening Spaces Project.  Pandemic is a global music dance party held monthly that celebrates both traditional folk and contemporary dance music from around the world. Over the past 9 years Pandemic has done more than just produced events for bands from across the globe.  Pandemic focuses on bringing new and innovative artists, musicians, djs to pittsburgh. Pittonkatonk is a place where brass music of all styles, Balkan, New Orleans Jazz, Symphonic, and street/protest/punk bands can come together to perform. The Listening Spaces Project explores and promotes music at the community-level for positive social change and development.

Pittonkatonk Team

Pete Spynda – aka Pandemic Pete – Co Director / Social Media Coordinator / Band Contact / Festival Master of Disaster / Chaos Enthusiast

Rich Randall – Co Director / Educational Outreach Director / Suspect

Stephanie Brea – Director of Administration / Safety Officer / Crazy Cat Lady

Kathryn Heidemann – Director of External Relations and Engagements /

Sophi Spynda – Childrens Outreach Coordinator / Makeup Artist / Hula Hooper / Child

Stephan Koledin – Consultant / Chef / Slivo Connoisseur

Leslie Clague – Volunteer Coordinator

Ray Gerard – Videographer/ Photographer

Chris Goodman – Videographer /Photographer

Jae Roberto – Photographer

As a community event that strives to build a stronger community around brass music and a diverse cultural landscape, it’s my hope that there will be no admission charge for the weekend event.

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