Pittonklamation… May 2nd is Pittonkatonk DAY in CITY OF PITTSBURGH


Today we went to City Council and got the official proclamation that May 2nd in the City of Pittsburgh will be PIttonkatonk Day!!!

We have to thank Councilman Corey O’Connor, Curt Conrad, and all of City Council for making this possible. We hope that you come and celebrate w/ us on Saturday at the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion. Below are photos from a quiet and romantic breakfast w/ our Proclamation.   While we were at city council we were informed we were not awarded a grant we had hoped would fund our educational component. So now we need your extra push via indiegogo to get to our budget goal.

Please consider donating today. Every little bit helps and you will see it on Saturday at Pittonkatonk.


We really rely on the generosity of our attendees to help fund this event. Our business model doesn’t exactly… well we don’t have a business model. So we rely on your contributions and really want to continue to make this event happen.




IMG_1274 IMG_1276

Oh and check out these sweet shirts. So hot they are still on the press at Commonwealth Press…

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