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We are happy to announce the first round of our Educational Programs at UPrep. Not only will we be including 2 high school bands in this years event, we are piloting a collaborative performance between What Cheer Brigade and Uprep. So come check that out on May 2nd.


Our first visit included a workshop about street performance, working as collective, and musical influences. Below you can check out an example…

Our full lineup includes

Pitchblak Brass Band

What Cheer Brigade

Detroit Party Marching Band

Black Bear Combo

May Day Marching Band

Beauty Slap

Slide Worldwide

UPREP High School Marching band

Col Eagleburgers Goodtime Band


The event begins at 2pm.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish.


Fun for all ages.


Pittonkatonk Hosts May Day Brass BBQ and Festival 

National Acts, Local Artists and Audiences Unite at Unique Community Festival 

PITTSBURGH – Pittonkatonk announces plans for its annual May Day Brass BBQ and festival, which will take place on Saturday May 2nd from 2:00 – 8:00 pm at the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion in Schenley Park. Pittonkatonk is an all-ages community-supported brass music festival and picnic where audiences and performers break down the traditional barriers between stage and dance floor. Now in its second year, Pittonkatonk uses the unifying medium of brass music to bring together diverse communities, from high school marching bands to traditional Balkan brass bands and hip hop/jazz ensembles.

This year’s festival will bring in famed national acts including What Cheer? Brigade (Providence) Pitchblak Brass Band (New York City), Black Bear Combo (Chicago) and Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit); local acts Beauty Slap, May Day Marching Band, Slide Worldwide, Col. Eagleburger’s Goodtime Highstepping Band; as well as collaborative performances with local high school marching bands including University Prep (Hill District). The festival will also include a giant community barbeque, as well as family-friendly activities courtesy of Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s Makeshop and other local community organizations.

In advance of the festival, Pittonkatonk will also hold a supplemental 3-day educational program between its festival headlining band, What Cheer? Brigade (Providence,) and the University Prep Junior and Senior High Marching Bands in the Hill District. The intensive workshop will highlight the band’s role from a historical perspective, provide insights of the business of touring/working as a full time musician, and focus on the role of a community band in creating positive change and social justice. The partnership will culminate in a collaborative performance at the May 2nd festival.

With a focus on community, Pittonkatonk juxtaposes different types of music, cultures, and backgrounds to bring together a unique mix of people who might not otherwise convene at a show. Unique to Pittonkatonk, musicians and audiences engage on a social level, blurring the lines between performer and the spectator and creating a barrier-free experience for all to live, learn, celebrate, and dance. Last year’s Pittonkatonk event and affiliate programs reached 700 people, and the organizers hope to continue to make Pittonkatonk a May Day weekend tradition.

All ages are welcome. Although there is no required admission charge, the event is fully community-supported and monetary donations and/or pot-luck style food donations are strongly suggested. An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign is also in effect until May 4 and backers are greatly appreciated. For more information visit or email


Pittonkatonk was founded by Pete Spynda (of “Pandemic” fame) and Rich Randall of the Listening Spaces Project. For 10 years, Pandemic has hosted monthly global music dance parties that celebrate both traditional folk and contemporary dance music from around the world and brings new and innovative artists, musicians, and DJs to Pittsburgh. The Listening Spaces Project explores and promotes music at the community-level for positive social change and development. Together, along with a team of community volunteers, these two entities make up Pittonkatonk – where brass music of all styles, including Balkan, New Orleans Jazz, Symphonic, and street/protest/punk bands can come together to perform.

Pittonkatonk Website: 

Indiegogo Campaign: 

Facebook Event Page: 


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