If you are reading this you are contemplating coming to this amazing event. Yeah we know it’s gonna be amazing.  4 touring bands, and over 100 performers. You should think about how awesome it is that your broke friend can still come to this day long bbq without paying a cover charge. But you know what? This event isn’t free. We need you to pick up the slack and help us pull off the party of the year. Where else can you hear Balkan Brass, Hip Hop, High School Marching Bands, 30 piece punks from Detroit who arrive in a school bus all in 1 location. There is value to this and you should contribute and tell your friends to CONTRIBUTE. Give what you can.

Give $300 and get your own Pierogie Party.

Give $1000 and go to Detroits Crash festival w/ Pandemic Pete.

Unfortunately we were relying on a grant to fund an educational component and we didn’t get it. But that doesn’t slow us down. We are still going to make it happen. We are putting one of the best  brass bands in the world in a room w/ a high school marching band. They will create and collaborate, discuss and demonstrate traditional brass styles, review DIY culture, teach one another about what it means to be a Community Band.  Think about the impact you can have by DONATING a few dollars. You can help change these kids lives.  No other festival does that. So please contribute!

Our Indiegogo is live and we need your support. Please tell your friends and family about the festival and about ways they can help support it. DONATE, BRING A DISH, VOLUNTEER! contact us at Pittonkatonk at Gmail dot com


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